Moroccan American Network


The Moroccan American Network is a network of individuals dedicated to creating opportunities for small business and promoting Morocco’s positive image through dialogue, forums, and events. The Network serves as a platform to educate U.S. media and government officials about opportunities and the history of Morocco.

The Network sponsors delegation visits and exchange trips between the U.S. and Morocco and engages in partnerships, including memoranda of understanding, solidifying relationships among sister cities, universities, and think tanks. Our team consists of American and Moroccan-American advocates and lobbyists, lawyers, journalists, media and PR professionals and filmmakers, and think tank experts with 100+ combined years of experience on Capitol Hill and in international lobbying, national and local media, law and diplomacy, think tanks, and cutting-edge technology.

The Moroccan Center for Peace and Sustainable Development


The Moroccan Center for Peace and Sustainable Development is responsible for:

  • promoting culture in favor of peace,
  • achieving the sustainable development goals set by the United Nations by 2030,
  • cooperating with public institutions towards economic development ,
  • advocating for peace with official institutions,
  • contributing to spreading messages of peace and tolerance.

In order to achieve this, the Center has several activities:

  • training sessions in the field of peace and sustainable development for the media, cooperatives and other interested NGOs;
  • workshops on key themes around sustainable development, with an emphasis on the role of women in development, environmental degradation, security, human rights, mediation, negotiation and dialogue;
  • seminars and scientific meetings led by national and international experts in the aforementioned themes;
  • artistic and cultural events, exhibitions in Morocco and abroad;
  • networking with national and international organizations working in the same field to exchange experiences.

Asma Graimiche

Our Executive Team

Mohamed ElHajjam

Concept Leader, Audio-Visual, Technical, Network Creator

Asma Graimiche

Co-founder / Concept Leader and Co-producer

Mayor Bill Euille

Former Mayor of Alexandria, Virginia. Government Relations & Liaison, Strategy

Rodney Emery

Government Affairs and Relations

Elisabeth Myers

Legal, Artistic, Communications, Strategy, Global Coordination & Outreach

Mohamed Amtoun

Digital Media Consultant